Achieving Business Growth with Technology: A guide

Technology is the great enabler of our time. From broadband to portable computers, cloud services to mobiles, without the technology that connects businesses to their customers, growth is almost impossible!

But what are the current technologies and ‘on-trend strategies’ that will help you grow your business? Take a look at our top 5 suggestions for how technologies can help you take your business to the next level!

Hybrid working

While hybrid working has been one of the key focuses for the last couple of years, the pandemic has only accelerated a shift that was already happening!

Many larger corporations already had remote working strategies in place, at least for some staff, which meant a lot of the legwork had already been done when the need to work from home became critical.

While there are many technologies that can help optimise productivity from home – some of which are mentioned below – there isn’t one specific piece of tech that means your hybrid working strategy will work seamlessly.

Instead, the reason for this being number one on our list is because hybrid working will become the norm for many businesses that want to be ready for the next national challenge, flood, site move etc. that prompts staff to work from home.

Two thirds of businesses expect a permanent shift in working practices towards hybrid working!


This means that any technology you look to embrace in your business must be WFH-friendly! Not only will it remove a lot of the potential headaches you’ll face should the need to work from home arises, but it also helps you develop a more agile business that can quickly react to immediate needs.


Unified Communications is one of the internet-based telephony solutions that thousands of businesses used to keep staff connected through the pandemic. There are other forms of internet telephony, like VoIP, but we think UC is a far more efficient solution…

Difference between VoIP and UC

The first thing to understand here is that technically, VoIP is used within all UC solutions, but it offers far more benefits. VoIP is the underlying technology that ensures audio calls can run over the internet – and there are many VoIP services available from telephony providers, including us.

But VoIP is only one of multiple technologies that a UC platform uses to unify all your different forms of communications – get it? Unified Communications!

Calling, instant messaging, video calling and conferencing, webchats and more are all put in one place with UC, making it super simple for staff to use customers’ preferred methods of contact. Not only does this ensure the highest possible productivity from staff, but by enhancing the customer experience, you may also find that customer satisfaction numbers start to jump up too!


Most UC solutions are cloud-based, and this brings us on to our next point. Another way businesses have been able to stay agile recently is by embracing the cloud.

Some services, like Office 365, Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud are all SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that put your data in their own clouds to ensure your team always have secure access to files and information, no matter where they are.

But cloud services can do far more than simply save your data ‘everywhere’…

One of the most advanced business strategies that involves the cloud is called ‘Big Data’. It basically involves taking all the information your business creates – from sales to satisfaction scores, staff levels and many more values, to develop bespoke insights that you can then use to evolve the business.

Over one quarter of businesses are looking to invest in cloud computing and storage.


These kinds of solutions were once reserved only for the largest of multinationals, but with the introduction of cloud services like AWS and Azure, and a massive reduction in cost, any business can now utilise the full potential of the cloud.

Social Media

Social media is one of those aspects of your business, just like marketing, that is very easy to forget about when you’re successful – if new sales are coming in, why spend precious resource on posting?

But research shows that more and more people are using social media to research potential purchases, and recommendations from friends on their social feed go a long way to getting a foot in the door…

42% of people that have social media use it to research products.

Data Reportal

So, think of social media as less of a method of shouting into the ether about your products, and more of a strategic way to help customers talk about your products to their networks. Maybe it’s a referral offer they have to share, or getting them to leave positive product reviews on Google? But no matter what just get them talking!


Finally, if you do implement a more blended working philosophy, enabling employees to work from home some of the time, you’ll need to make sure they’re staying productive.

The right UC solution should be at the heart of your organisation, using APIs to integrate with other aspects of the business – CRM, sales, marketing, finance, etc. – enabling you to check that call lengths are not getting to drawn out and customer interactions are going along as smoothly as possible.

Then you can leverage call recording to train low-performing staff, verify customer complaints and ensure staff are being treated as they should!

All told, adopting the right technology can unleash untold potential in your business, helping you enhance customer service and staff productivity, enable seamless colleague collaboration and development and help you create a more agile business.

And we can help you adopt these amazing technologies, or at least get you in touch with those who know it best in complex data science scenarios, to ensure your business has the best chances of growing in this even more interconnected, post-pandemic economy!

The only thing you need to do is call 020 7147 7000.


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