Our client is a leading housing provider, managing over 14,000 homes across 33 local authorities. Its head office contact centre handles all requests for repairs and rent payments, as well as general enquiries.

“A very happy contact centre manager now we are working from home thanks for all your support over the past two weeks..”
– Customer Service Manager


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The client was offering a voice-only service to tenants, handling all calls to its contact centre through an ageing Avaya Communication Manager that was approaching ‘end of life’. The client realised that this was an unmissable opportunity to improve its service to tenants by giving them more ways to get in touch. In addition, it wanted to be able to record calls.

After a lengthy period of research, the company decided it needed a future-proof multimedia contact centre solution, offering web chat, email, SMS and voice, and letting all agents and some back-office staff record calls. It wanted a cloud-based solution that would both improve reliability and offer a softphone option, so staff could make business calls on any device and from any location. Everything would have to work within a Citrix environment.


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Unicomm was awarded the contract after recommending a solution based on the Mitel MiCloud Business platform. This highly resilient solution uses duplicate servers for all applications. The Mitel MiCollaboration Softphone gives users a feature-rich experience on Citrix terminals, PCs and laptops, while the Mitel Mobile Client extends that functionality to smartphones. For tenants, MiCloud Business offers multiple ways to contact the company.

“We have been really pleased since the Mitel system was installed. It offered some significant benefits over our old Avaya system such as softphone’s and additional contact centre features. Whilst we knew working from any location was possible most people still sat at their desk and used the softphone. It wasn’t until March 2020 that we really appreciated the benefits of the Mitel MiCloud Flex solution. Within a matter of days all our agents and staff were able to work from home and be just as effective as if they were in the office. Not one of our tenants suffered any delays in a response whenever they made contact with us. We managed to keep within all our SLA’s. We were pleasantly surprised just how easy it was to set everyone up to work from home.”
– Customer Service Manager


Unicomm planned and implemented the solution on time, on budget and without interrupting the client’s day-to-day operations.

The company’s tenants can now use web chat, email or voice to book service and repair calls and access an automated payment service, and all calls are now recorded. Because Mitel’s MiCloud Business platform is fully integrated, customer service managers now have detailed information on the performance of the entire department, with improved reporting and wallboard information.

The company’s customers – its tenants – can now contact its service agents in the way that best suits them, enhancing customer satisfaction. Automatic call recording provides a record of all conversations, while improved data helps to streamline call centre processes and improve staff productivity.

In addition, as part of the Mitel MiCollaboration suite of products the client now has a full-featured in house audio and web conferencing bridge that provides significant cost savings when compared to the outsourced platform they were previously using.

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